Terpsichore Dance Company -    “Nothing is more revealing than movement.”

Terpsichore (terp-sick-or-ee- def: the Greek muse of dance) Dance Company is a non-profit dance organization created and directed by Carolyne Tilford. Terpsichore is based on the principle that anyone who has the desire to dance should be encouraged to do so, no matter body type or limitations. Located in the heart of Louisville, Kentucky, Terpsichore brings in a mixture of cultures and styles including hip hop, ballet, and more.

We hold a strong focus towards performance and commitment while offering many performance opportunities. We aim towards providing healthy opportunities for those who cannot afford studio PRICES and those who would like more performance time. If you are interested in supporting your local non profit please contact us about donating funds or services. 

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Terpsichore Dance Company

"Terpsichore has been one of the biggest parts of my life since I was young. Terpsichore has taught me the importance of commitment and passion, and I will forever be grateful for the opportunity to be a part of the Terpsichore family. I hope that each and every person takes full advantage of the art of dance, it can really set you free."

-Britney Smith(Dancer/Artist)

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